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Wed, May 6, 2015 at 12:54 PM by Doc Searls.
  • Location: Club 101, Park Avenue, New York
      • Q: What causes accounting scandals, and do laws like Sarbanes have a positive effect? A: Sarbanes hasn't helped. We still have trouble saying what the value of an asset is. But the main cause is human nature.
      • Q: Comments on the value placed by investors, to make informed decisions? A: There is an advantage to knowing the principles of responsible investment. There is financial return from good governance. IIRC...
      • Q: Used to be regulatory risk was tops. Now it's reputational. Is there a connection between... What will be the source of thse who demand adoption of principles? A: Consumers. See Unilever/Dove. Interest groups. Consumer backlash against palm oil.
      • Q: I work in local government. How do these capitals pertain to local gov as units or... A. in 2000, the largest economies were coprporations. All these capitals are applicable, though. And they are connected.