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Sat, Oct 10, 2015 at 6:55 PM by Dave Winer ☮.
  • DW Radio: Amazon smart glasses patent. (link)
  • DW Radio: Famous quotes, the way a woman would have to say them during a meeting. (link)
  • DW Radio: NYC on Sat night, game 1 of NLCS, low of 37. Brrrr. (link)
  • Ted's radio3: TIL: In C `()` doesn't mean "no parameters", it means "unspecified parameters." For "no params" use `(void)`. (link)
  • DW Radio: Bethesda Updates Fallout Shelter With Survival Mode, More. (link)
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  • DW Radio: Murphy, Mets beat sleeping Dodgers 3-2 to reach NLCS vs Cubs. (link)
  • DW Radio: Mets beat Dodgers in Game 5, head to NLCS! (link)
  • DW Radio: One long-suffering MLB team is going to win the World Series. (link)
  • DW Radio: Mets Hold Off Dodgers to Advance to N.L.C.S. (link)
  • DW Radio: Dropbox's New 'Paper' Is Yet Another All-in-One Work Tool. (link)
  • DW Radio: This video has a chilling start, but it makes a great point about the 2nd Amendment. (link)
  • DW Radio: Open House New York Offers a Citywide Adventure. (link)
  • DW Radio: Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It). (link)
  • DW Radio: Chattanooga boosts citywide broadband capacity to 10 gigabits. (link)
  • DW Radio: A.L.C.S. Preview: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals. (link)
  • DW Radio: I had no idea Cubs fans hate the Mets. We think the "cubbies" are kind of cute. (link)
  • DW Radio: Why aren't more women in prison? (link)
  • DW Radio: Podcast: Software design is not easy. (link)
  • DW Radio: I forgot for a minute who Wayne Newton is. Wait I forgot again. (link)
  • DW Radio: Scripting News: There's power in not needing to make money. (link)
  • DW Radio: "Clubbing opponents to death with pillows and bleeding the life out of them with paper cuts." (link)
  • DW Radio: Would Apple bring on a board member who doesn’t use an iPhone? (link)
  • DW Radio: Tesla just transformed the Model S into a nearly driverless car. (link)
  • davewiner:

    Too late for that. They lost.

  • davewiner:

    I know. I'm going to write a new displayer just for this.

  • DW Radio: BBC: Why the mobile web runs so slowly. (link)
  • DW Radio: My friend Jeremy Zilar asked me to narrate the playoffs with podcasts as it happens. Here's the next installment. (link)
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    Back to the Future called it first

  • DW Radio: Of course the Cubs are favored to win the World Series, for now. (link)
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    Rendering issue:

    <="" p="">

  • tedchoward:

    You know, you have friends in Texas too! 😜

  • DW Radio: Berkman Center: Open Call for Fellowship Applications, Academic Year 2016-2017. (link)
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    Another thing you can try -- if you have a second browser on your computer, is go to without logging in or hacking the URL of the server. You'll be able to watch a realtime view of my liveblog. I'm already blogging things there. I have to get used to working there.

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    Texting. Texting 1-2-3.

  • DW Radio: It's Too Late to Save Over 400 U.S. Cities From Rising Seas, Scientists Say. (link)
  • Twittergram:

    The boat rocks.

    I think I'm probably going to move all the files to and then point the server at that URL.

    Slackalike was a good name for a while, but it's not the right name now.

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    I can see this!

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    And we're back!

  • DW Radio: Twitter’s new executive chairman has only tweeted 11 times. (link)
  • DW Radio: Andrew O’Hagan on the manifestos killers leave behind. (link)
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    I'm sure there will be breakage, btw.

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    Andrew and Ted, if you can see this please say something...

  • Twittergram:

    This is a test.

  • DW Radio: Twitter Names Omid Kordestani as Executive Chairman. (link)
  • DW Radio: Mets: "We don't need to break your shortstop's leg to make you lose." (link)
  • Ted's radio3: Black is white, up is down! Are we living in the bizarro universe? Plano Just Showed Dallas How to Run a City. (link)
  • Ted's radio3: Four rules for neighborly sidewalks. (link)
  • DW Radio: Jack Dorsey’s jargon-free firing memo, edited to remove the jargon. (link)
  • DW Radio: If you're interested in the tech of publishing, this is an important post, including the things it points to. (link)
  • Ted's radio3: Car-Friendly Design, Not 'Pedestrian Error,' Is to Blame in Dallas Street Deaths. (link)
  • DW Radio: Scripting News: Getting in sync with Medium. (link)
  • DW Radio: Marco is ready for Big Money to come to podcasting. I have doubts. I think the market is over-producing. (link)
  • DW Radio: Scripting News: Payback at CitiField. #podcast (link)
  • DW Radio: Twitter to Cut More Than 300 Jobs. (link)
  • DW Radio: Travis d’Arnaud Leads a Rally and Breaks Out of a Slump. (link)
  • DW Radio: Mets say they won’t plunk Chase Utley, who isn’t in Game 3 lineup. (link)
  • DW Radio: De Blasio: Chase Utley deserves suspension for dirty slide. (link)
  • DW Radio: WNYC to Open New Podcast Division. (link)
  • DW Radio: Scripting News: It's still "Sources go direct" (link)
  • Ted's radio3: "Why would a school board member lie to us?" @EricCeleste drops another truth bomb on DISD. (link)
  • DW Radio: My thoughts on the Mets-Dodgers series. I'm going to the game tonight at CitiField. (link)
  • DW Radio: Jews were a small minority in Germany before the Holocaust. (link)
  • DW Radio: Harper: In NLDS Game 3, Mets' Harvey can right this wrong. (link)
  • DW Radio: Chase Utley appeal on fast track. (No honor.) (link)
  • DW Radio: Meaningless Games Matter to a Healing Carmelo Anthony. (link)
  • davewiner:

    Texting one two three.

  • DW Radio: Would-be Waffle House robber dies after having been shot by customer. (link)
  • DW Radio: "My goal is to keep the number of reporters really high at the New York Times." (link)
  • When I write about baseball here, and I've been doing it since the start, it's always meant to be light-hearted, fun, playful, humorous, philosophical, soulful, traditional and loving. That's the way I feel about baseball. Look at Mr Met in the right margin. That corny dude perfectly reflects the way I feel about the sport.
  • But last night it got serious. What happened at second base in the seventh inning not only changed the outcome, but it made it no longer a game. It took the focus off pitching and hitting and base-running, which is where it should have been, and threw it into a discussion of payback.
  • The Mets should not have to be in the position they are in. MLB must make the Dodgers pay for what they did. As a Mets fan, I would like, in a perfect world to have the game end at that play, and the Mets go into tomorrow night's game up 2-0. I'll settle for Chase Utley being suspended for the rest of the season. Otherwise you're going to have an ugly game on Monday and Tuesday, and on and on. It won't end with last night's game.
  • It's all been said elsewhere. That wasn't a slide, it was a tackle. That play is prohibited in football because it's so dangerous, and in football the players wear helmets and shoulder pads to protect their head and neck. It could have actually been much worse than a broken leg. And reality-check -- there are almost never broken bones in baseball. It isn't that kind of sport.
  • One more thing, to Dodgers fans, if my team pulled a bullshit stunt like that, they wouldn't be my team anymore. Honor is more important than winning. And in the end it is just a sport.