It's a new week on the Braintrust
Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 8:20 AM by Dave Winer ☮.
  • davewiner: Yes it does still work.
  • davewiner: Just checking to see if this still works.
  • davewiner: That last item is the idea.
  • davewiner: It’s the obvious next step. They’ve established a strong standard for a new kind of communication. If I were doing a new product that supported these kinds of hooks, I’d want it to be 100 percent compatible with Slack, so it could “run” the same software.
  • davewiner: The other half is implementing the Slack side of both these interfaces, so one can create Slack-compatible environments.
  • davewiner: Outgoing: Posts from the <#C08R9ULLT> channel show up on .
  • davewiner: Incoming: The connection from Radio3 to Slack, so my links show up in <#C051X484P>.
  • davewiner: I started a fresh post for a new week in the braintrust.
  • davewiner: Scratch that, it did make it into the liveblog. It just took Slack a long time to get around to calling the webhook.
  • davewiner: For some reason my message didn’t make it into the liveblog.
  • davewiner: Another week in the braintrust.